Scoreboard controls & game clock

iCast has developed and adapted scoreboards and game clocks for a variety of sports: ice hockey, football/soccer, handball and basketball. Our game applications can be displayed on LED Score Boards, large sized LED-screens or ribbons, TV broadcasts and on any Public Display, for example in public spaces, restaurants, or any wall mounted iPad in the locker room.

With a complete setup of functions for each sport and customized formats and designs, we offer a market leading solution for scoreboards and game clocks. The system comes with one administrative application for scoreboard controls and the game clock where you manage results, expulsions, substitutions, periods, a much more, and with one audience score board showing all essential match information.

Apple-based system

Our game clock is built on a solid Apple and OS X architecture. One application for each sport makes it easy to separate all configuration and settings. The game clock comes with built-in support for different ports that enable management of multiple scoreboards simultaneously.

We will be happy to give you a full demonstration in one of our reference arenas. Please contact us to book an appointment!

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iCasts employees have over 15 years of experience in Digital Signage and LED installations. We deliver comprehensive media system solutions and LED screens designed for 24/7 operation for indoor and outdoor use. Every year we install hundreds of square meters of LED to satisfied and recurring customers.

Our clients include sports clubs in the Swedish and Norwegian premier hockey and soccer leagues, European sports arenas, award winning shopping malls, energy companies, retail chain stores, public organizations, and others.

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