Sport system with media cube to Lonza arena in Switzerland

Lonza Arena in Visp Switzerland through the main contractor Frutiger AG has decided to invest in a top-modern media system from iCast. The investment comprises a new media cube in our unique seamless design, a digital scoreboard, VIP-screens, TV-studio and control system for media management with accompanying graphical match effects. The order is carried out in corporation with our Swiss representative sportsevision.

Media Cube
The Media Cube as such will be the first of its kind in Switzerland and will lift the overall experience significantly compared to traditional media cubes. Higher resolution, larger display area and visible effects in 360-degrees are some of the features the audience will experience. Furthermore, Lonza Arena invested in a new TV studio with remote-controlled robotic cameras to enhance the experience for the audience even more. The control system is completely Mac-based and fully scalable for future expansions.

The design and excellent picture quality together with the easy operation of the media cube will play a significant role in the overall experience. The goal is to enhance the audience experience and make it extraordinary.

“After having realized our first LED fixed installation in the Win4 Arena in Winterthur in 2018, we are now able to realize a second LED installation. Together with our partner from Sweden iCast we will put the first “state of the art” LED Cube into operation in Switzerland in summer 2019,” says Matthias Berger, CEO of sportsevision ag.

iCast strengthens its market position in Europe
iCast Sweden AB has in recent years expanded its reference list, and is a prominent competitor when it comes to arena productions and sporting entertainment in Europe. The collaboration with sportsevision strengthens our position in the market for future procurements in Europe.

“We are proud to welcome Lonza Arena as a new customer and look forward to a good cooperation with the arena and the hockey club EHC-Visp. Lonza Arena is the first arena in Switzerland that invests in our unique seamless media cube to enhance the experience for their events. In addition to Switzerland clubs, SHL the Norwegian and German hockey leagues have also invested in media technology from iCast. The demand for our media system remains high, and with this new contract, we are looking forward to new challenges in Switzerland, says Mats Hultemark from iCast.


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