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iCast incorporates Presenter 3, a completely unique and scalable software for digital signage. Presenter 3 is a market leader in Apple-based digital signage software and provides a series of software solutions completely customized for people within the media, information and advertising industry.

Presenter 3 gives you total control over layout and media planning and lets you communicate experiences and messages. You have the freedom to plan how and when your message will appear on any selection of digital screens.

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Digital Signage Software – Presenter 3


  • Arrangement layouts
  • Built-in visual effects
  • Integrated calendar
  • Scripting and network commands
  • Multi-screen functionality
  • Web-based publishing
  • Built-in preview player
  • Widgets for extended functionality
  • Layout Templates


  • Support for all image standards
  • Supports video, audio and streaming
  • Real-time video playback
  • Real-time screen mirroring
  • Text, text tickers, RSS feeds
  • Quartz Compositions
  • Interactive HTML
  • Flash files
  • VNC-applications

Presenter creator pro

  • Remote control administration
  • Campaign Tools
  • Integrated Publisher
  • Automatic publishing
  • Publishing via FTP
  • Expanded built-in player
  • Conditional playlists
  • Functionality for vide walls
  • Presentation mode
  • Layer animations

System architecture

A simplified system for digital signage is controlled through an administrative computer with Presenter 3. The software lets you create signage projects and layouts to be scheduled and published.

Publish your play list to one or more media players to display your content on any digital screen or video wall. One media player, such as the Mac Mini or a Mac Pro, can be connected to multiple displays using fiber links.

Network and surveillance
Networking is a technical prerequisite to connect and transfer files and our setups works via fixed ethernet connections, Wi-Fi or 4G/3G-modems. iCast provides VPN solutions for remote monitoring and remote control.

Presenter 3 Signage Setup

System Advantages

    Drag-n-drop media and assets into the simple interface. The software design reduces working hours and facilitates creativity.

    Presenter 3 is built on a solid architecture and lets you experience seamless playback of high-resolution images and HD videos.

    Connect to one single screen, hundreds of screens, or large sized media systems with different screen sizes like modern sports arenas or media installations such as the American Eagle building on Times Square in New York.


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iCasts employees have over 15 years of experience in Digital Signage and LED installations. We deliver comprehensive media system solutions and LED screens designed for 24/7 operation for indoor and outdoor use. Every year we install hundreds of square meters of LED to satisfied and recurring customers.

Our clients include sports clubs in the Swedish and Norwegian premier hockey and soccer leagues, European sports arenas, award winning shopping malls, energy companies, retail chain stores, public organizations, and others.

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