Future-forward solutions

~sedna is a privately owned digital solutions development and service company based in Berlin, Germany. We specialize in soft- and hardware solutions for the Mac platform. Innovative technology development drives us to create the best possible solutions for today’s markets and business demands.Rigorous quality assurance testing guarantees a superior product and unparalleled performance.Strong design and systems integration backgrounds make our team dynamic and inspired.Personalized and unique ideas guarantee our clients something that they can call all their own.Real world solutions to tomorrow’s challenges are our mission and we have the know-how to make it happen today.

We provide solutions for digital signage, multitouch and control systems on the Mac platform to offer you every bit of the creativity, reliability and user-friendliness that the brand is famous for. Digital signage solutions of every scale.Digital signage solutions in any format – fascia boards, mobile devices and high definition playback.Multitouch software for scenario creation and publication image selection and layout.Multitouch hardware in a range of sizes and capabilities.Room and data wall control solutions.

Digital Signage - done right

Digital signage is a form of electronic media that makes it possible to distribute contents through digital displays. More simply put, digital signage is a network of displays whose content can be changed easily, quickly and remotely.

Using digital signage can help you effectively inform, influence, and communicate with those who see it. This extremely fast-growing media format has already brought about momentous changes in the way a wide variety of fields and businesses communicate and advertise.

The future at your fingertips

Trade shows are all about attracting attention to your product or concept and the right format can help you do that quickly and consistently. Multitouch systems are especially good for accomplishing this goal.

Visitors will love this eye-catching format and are more likely to remember your ideas and products if they were able to interact with them directly. A multitouch system from ~sedna can also allow you to create a personalized and highly interactive environment unlike any other.

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